Somatic Stretch Postural Realignment program

Realign your posture and reduce your aches and pains while elevating your overall sense of Wellbeing.

The purpose of Somatic Stretch® and this program is to provide the basic and essential exercises for correcting posture and generating a sense of Wellbeing.

When our bodies work as they're designed to work, mechanically and structurally, they have, or make, a "sound" and that sound is Wellbeing. It's what we experience when our body works at its optimum best and we have facilitated its own self-healing power.

An aligned, supported posture is how the body functions at its best physically, physiologically and mentally, therefore, to empower its self-healing response we need to use the kind of exercise that enables the realignment of posture.

The Postural Realignment program is a shorter version of the full Somatic Stretch® Training Program, a supported, home study program that comes with written manuals, full online program access, scheduled video calls, email support and the option of live workshops. Both programs are for anyone who is ready to optimize their physical wellbeing and health, as well as for those with an interest in becoming an instructor of this non-energetic but powerful work. A benefit of being an instructor is that, in Somatic Stretch® classes, instructors teach by demonstrating, so their bodies get worked along with those of their students.

The short version gives you an opportunity to see what kind of exercises are in the program, for each person needs to find out what is suitable for their own situation. When the isolated exercises have been gone through to the point that you know them fairly well, the next step would be to get one of the videos that takes you through the exercises in a "class" sequence.

In these videos, the exercises follow each other in a way that leads from one to the other, and this gives you a totally different experience from working on one exercise at a time. It becomes a natural flow that feels "right" to your body. You can check out the videos on the Somatic Stretch® website here. And feel free to ask about which you should get if you're not sure.

These class sequences remain as the basic work of Somatic Stretch, regardless of the many other exercises that make up the whole technique. The point of the Level 1 exercises is to use them in a gentle, exploratory way so you can find out where your body works easily and where it meets resistance. And that becomes your "map" for knowing where your body needs loosening and stretching and where it needs strengthening.

Working with your body this way also helps you connect with particular muscles so you can control the parts of your body that need adjusting for postural realignment. How much adjustment is needed and how long it all takes is an individual matter, of course, depending on the state of one's body to start with and how much desire there is to make improvements. Regardless, I consider the basic exercises a lifetime necessity simply for prevention and maintenance, so they can be continued indefinitely on their own without necessarily getting into the more complex work of realignment.

Lilian Jarvis, creator of the Somatic Stretch® technique, was a founding, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada from its inception in 1951 to 1963, when she left to study in New York City. There she discovered the Martha Graham technique of modern dance, which opened her mind to a new, internal concept of working with her body. Through this technique, she found a rewarding new sense of ease and freedom in her movements and radically improved her posture, achieving a more flexible and structured body than she'd had during her dance life.

After a thirteen-year retirement, a return engagement to the National Ballet at the age of 45 to dance the role of Juliet for the company’s 25th anniversary convinced her she had found a remarkable way to retain a youthful body into the later years of life. She subsequently created Somatic Stretch® to pass on the knowledge she’d acquired through her transformational work on her own body.

Intended Audience: Health minded individuals, therapists and coaches

Intended Audience: Health minded individuals, therapists and coaches

The Anatomy of Posture
How to approach the exercises
Spine Stretch
Outer Hamstring Stretch
Gentle hip opening
Inner thigh Stretch
Isolated hip joint opening
Thigh and Hamstring Stretch
Stretching the lower back
Lying 'Flat'
Supine Hip Joint Opening
Abdominal Breathing
Supine Abdominal Strengthening
Upper Back Strengthening
Coming to standing

What's included

  • 14 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Lilian Jarvis